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Sep 10 ,2019

All about shampooing – is more really more? No!

Who wouldn’t know about the questions of all questions: How often should you wash your beloved hair? What is the beauty formula for a successful #goodhairday and that 24/7?

Daily hair routine triggers just as many debates as does the optimal health-conscious diet, the perfect wedding dress or the most delicious coffee in town. But as individual as your personal taste is, so is your hair! And generally, you should always only focus on your own head of hair! The fact is that washing your hair too often or using too much product causes damage to your hair. So, what exactly is the care secret of a beautiful and healthy mane?

Haare waschen

Hair and skin types

If your hair is rather dry and frizzy, it suffices to wash your hair every two to three days. For some, it is even enough limiting your hair washes to one to two times a week. People with very fine and straight hair or greasy and oily scalp, however, should adhere to a more frequent hair routine. Still, you should always rely on your own experience as nobody knows your hair better than you. Even still, though, if your hair can be counted among the second hair and skin type, you shouldn’t reach for the shampoo every single day. Depending on hair and skin structure, it suffices to wash your hair every two to three days.

NEWSHA tip: You’re missing volume on the hairline the second day? Don’t worry! Our Texturizing Volume Powder containing rice germ oil provides you with airy roots in no time. #smartbeauty

The NEWSHA care secrets

Even with hair washing intervals, everybody needs to find the right balance. We generally recommend refraining from washing your hair daily so that both your hair and scalp are not excessively strained and dehydrated. Moreover, it is really important to us that all our shampoos, masques, and conditioners are especially gentle and soft on the scalp. We achieve this by using high-quality natural ingredients which in turn make our products as special as they are.

Haare waschen 2

We meet every single hair need! You’ve got a blonde mane and are yearning for the cool Scandinavian Blonde look? Then our True Blonde Silver Shampoo is your partner in crime. You love your colored hair and would like to intensively nourish it without losing its vibrancy? Our Color Protect Shampoo is ready and waiting for you. Our Deep Cleansing Shampoo is dedicated to all hair beauties who like styling their hair frequently; for a sustainable deeply cleansing and intensive care. With our color masque, you’ve got THE color and care upgrade for at home and can enjoy your vibrant and healthy hair. #hairgoals

We and our hair care are here to support you, no matter what your heart might wish for!


We would highly recommend a visit to one of our wonderful NEWSHA partner salons for any and all questions regarding the optimal hair wash and the perfect care secret for your individual hair structure. There, you’ll get professional and personal advice and you can also get to know all our products. #goodhairdays! ♡




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