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Mar 01 ,2018

Balayage and Ombré

As if kissed by the sun or dipped in a gold pot!

Monotony and boredom on your head? No way! These two fascinating coloration techniques are at the top of the hairstyle trends and the style choice of many celebrities. Balayage and ombré – so similar yet still worlds apart!

Its eye-catching and contrasting color effect – darker neck and light tips (also known as the “two-tone trend”) – is what makes the ombré look so special! Another variant is the “half-up-hair-trend”, in which the hair is dyed 50/50. The strong contrast ensures a striking color experience. The majority tends to choose lighter shades, such as sweet caramel or honey-warm blond, to get the special “sun-kissed” effect.

Natural look or eyecatcher

The more intense the color contrast of the two parts of the hair, the more noticeable the overall look. Many people leave the well-known range of natural hair colors, trying out trendy and colorful creations, which provide a wide variety of different shades and possibilities. Of course, also the gray hair trend is still in fashion and an ashy gray tone provides a smoky touch in cool blonde. Whether it’s light hair with pink or turquoise lengths or deep black hair contrasted with ruby red lenghts The ombré trend creates a combination of different colors and allows creative hairdresser to get inspired by the diverse color range, giving each customer the perfect change tailored to their type.! An all-time favorite of the already convinced ombré enthusiasts is the so-called low “chignon”. This bun perfectly brings out the color effect and is the perfect fit for every outfit. It combines the trendy undone-look with a touch of elegance.

Super easy styling:

- use a fine comb to clearly part the hair down the center

- tighten hair down the neck to a deep pony tail

- turn the pony tail into a tight bun: there you go!

PS: for the absolute sleek look, you can simply apply our Total Control Gel onto your hair and also make any frizz disappear!

Everybody’s darling: the popular balayage trend

The modern freehand technique using a brush conjures up shimmering strands for a natural yet striking result. Due to this coloration technique, the color intensity varies from strand to strand, making the highlights look softer and more delicate and finally putting an end to our memories of the unpleasant thick strands “à la chipmunks” from our youth! The flowing and gentle color transitions are typical for this look and meet the taste of countless beauty fans. The freehand coloring is the foundation for individual and versatile hairstyles. No matter which hair structure or hair length – the balayage look is a beautiful option for everyone!

The dream team: balayage and beach waves

Apparently not to top: trendy balayage coloring technique in combination with easy beach waves. The casual curls emphasize shimmering color highlights and are a sought-after choice! So, grab the curling iron or the straightener and off you go!

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