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Dec 15 ,2017


I’ve hated my hair ever since puberty! While all the other girls would be playing with their hair, sliding their fingers through the strands, my fingers would just get tangled up completely in the mess that was my hair. I´m not kidding, my hair is some kind of combination of natural frizzy, curly and yet straight hair...As if one couldn’t decide what to get and finally just said “I’ll take a bit of everything…”

The desire for permanently straight hair

If I let my hair air-dry, after a few hours, it looks like a toilet brush after. As I am too lazy and untalented to stand in the bathroom for endless hours trying to straighten my hair or blow-dry my hair using round brushed, I had to find another way to finally fight my hair! A friend of mine has been a regular at a small salon in Düsseldorf for years and just dragged me along to her next appointment. She said they’d have just the right thing for me – a permanent hair straightening from Newsha – private haircare.

Goin’ straight with NEWSHA

I had never heard of Newsha before, and to be honest, I’m not really that type of person that lets everyone and everything experiment with my hair… Some of you might know the times that you would just be in the shower crying your eyes out because your hairdresser botched the hair cut… Anyway, I promised my friend I would join her, so I did. It was a very cute salon with wonderful staff. But that didn’t mean anything… In fact, the girls working at the salon all really knew what they were talking about, making me feel comfortable. After promising me that my hair would definitely not become worse after the treatment, I decided to make an appointment for the following week to try out the Straightening System 2.0. The day of the appointment, I was unbelievably nervous, but even then they were able to calm me down immediately. “It’s all going to be just fine!”

Good things take a while

After washing, blow-drying, applying, blow-drying, washing and finally blow drying once more, they were finally done: My face was framed by a soft curtain of shiny straight hair. I was at a loss for words. My hair has never felt so smooth and healthy. With my hair length and density, the application wasn’t that cheap, but i’ll definitely do it again, as soon as my hair so much as curls the wrong way.

Straightening System 2.0 - The result

Now the handling of my hair unbelievable easy. After shampooing, I simply spray the magical Leave-In Conditioner onto my hair, which leaves my hair very shiny and easy to comb. Then, I blow-dry my hair from root to tip, using my fingers to comb and loosen the hair, as shown by my hairdresser. Once it’s dry, the hair structure is shiny and smooth while maintaining all the natural volume. The hair feels neither thin nor heavy. What a relief for my everyday life and styling routine. Bad hair days? What’s that? :)


For those who feel like I used to – the Straightening System 2.0 is a great solution. The application is only available at hairdressers who are official NEWSHA partners. Of course, the application is not cheap, but considering how much time you save on styling and the fact that the effect lasts up to 6 months depending on the individual hair structure, the price is fully justified. My friend went for the Straightening System 2.0 too, not because she has frizzy hair, but because her hair tends to frizz (especially when humid). I also did not know that this application can also be an option for frizzy and dull hair. So, the Rescue System in fact is a savior for all hair types!

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