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Mar 01 ,2018

Granny Style – is grey still the new blonde?

The grey hair trend, also known as the famous granny style, is currently indispensable in the beauty industry and international fashion world! Still on everyone’s lips – and especially on numerous heads to see. Whether it’s man or woman, young or old, as street style or on international catwalks – they all wear the gray hair trend with confidence and style!

Beauties on Instagram show you how it’s done

Omnipresent on social media. Whether it´s Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, the most famous and usually very young influencers show their grey colored hair. This color has taken the beauty world by storm and really bursts all boundaries! Whether completely grey, just a few highlights or a great balayage look – no boredom is what matters! Regular grey hair coverage was yesterday. Graying stylishly and deliberately has become a trend as well, with many followers everywhere. Grey hair is still considered a no-go and first external sign of aging. But why does it cause such despair? It has hardly become a worldwide trend and BOOM – the problem is solved! Now, when we talk about grey hair, we use words like noble, cool, elegant, glamorous and extravagant! You just have to wear it with confidence! Just think of strong personalities among the celebrities like the heart-throb George Clooney or Russel Crowe, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christoph Waltz or the wonderful Helen Mirren, who have been rocking the red carpets and big events with naturally grey hair! This year, the noble grey hair style stole the show from the blonde hairstyles! In the beauty world, grey is even already considered the new blonde.

Granny hair – the exceptional trend of 2018

Of course, blonde hair is still fashionable and popular, but the courage and the conviction to wear grey hair has polarized to an extent that it has become a real wonder! It's a trend that does not appeal to everyone, but that is perfectly fine as it would definitely not be as interesting in the world of hairstyles and beauty if everyone suddenly agreed and had the same taste. The look is different, fascinating and very special. And don´t we all love to see something completely new and unexpected? The grey hair looks particularly dramatic and edgy in combination with very intense lip colors, although it can also be worn in a sporty and cool casual street style! No matter what outfit, make-up and accessory you choose, as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin and stand behind your individual looks, others can say whatever they want.

Coloring or tinting?

To achieve any shade of grey, your hair color must be of the lightest blond. Whether lightened up in advance or blessed by nature with the clearest blond. Only with this color condition is it possible to create the grey hair trend. Therefore, especially for those of you who have rather dark hair, we always recommend to consult a professional. Only a professional hairdresser can bleach your hair to the extent that later on, a beautiful grey color can be tinted or colored on top of it. Ask for our Bondi Bleach System, the most gentle bleaching in the haircare sector, as you can lighten up your hair by up to 7 shades without damaging it in only one day. Nothing stands in the way of your grey hair dream. Get the silver linings!

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