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Apr 24 ,2018

Your hair – the daily accessory

Success Story: High-End Haircare & Hairdressing Industry

The business of hair cosmetics is booming and growing worldwide! It has been an indispensable part of the international beauty industry for many years and plays an important role alongside fashion and make-up – and with good reason! The hair is no longer simply washed, cut and dyed. It's so much more than that. Professional hairdressing is an inspirational art that has millions of dedicated followers and enthusiasts around the world. Passionate and creative people do their best every day to get our dream hairstyle on our head. The art of cutting, dyeing and styling is hard to beat in terms of versatility and creativity.

Hairstyling – Coloration or Cut?

Hair is not just hair – always oriented to the newest hairstyles and latest trends, we are offered the opportunity to change our hair individually and reinvent ourselves. Whether a cheeky new cut, a fresher hair color or a complete type change. No limits! The hair is and remains the best accessory. You do not just carry it around with you all the time, but for most people it's an important part of the personality, or your very own look. Hair can initiate and embody a new beginning, whether in the job or in love, no matter – the main thing is you feel comfortable in your own skin. Perhaps the relaxed visit to the chic hairdresser is also a self-reward for a passed exam or another mastered challenge in the job. For everyone, your own haircut means something different. Would be boring if not – what do you think?

Your hair is your identity – Sleek Look, Beach Waves or Messy Bun?

The own look is a mix of many attributes. We wear clothes that we like, in which we feel comfortable and which underline our character. Another creative spectrum is the fascinating world of make-up. We all hide a little beauty junkie in ourselves or not? Accessories accentuate our look and reveal in small details an insight into our personality. But of course our heart beats for the hair and everything that has to do with it! Your hairstyle says a lot about you. Depending on the mood, you can change your hair and adjust it to the moment or a feeling. We think of the hyped messy-bun, easy and cool! Whether it's time for styling or simply completing the casual streetstyle look, the casual bun always does its job. Braided hairstyles are romantic but are also suitable as a perfect work-out hairstyle (#boxerbraids). Beautiful Beach Waves are probably the most popular "universal hairstyle" and are suitable for every event. No matter what, your hair is the accessory that is always at your side. With the right hair color, the whole look is perfect! Cut, color and styling – nearly limitless possibilities to reinvent yourself. Time for something new on your head!

The motto: Individuality and authenticity are IN!

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