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Dec 29 ,2017

Short hair – care tips

Short hairstyles are great: the perfect look is created in only a few minutes and can be accentuated in a variety of ways. With the right cut and the right styling, the look can show its brilliance in everyday life!

Care and styling

Whoever prefers a short haircut, has a big advantage: before hair damage can affect the hairstyle, it is already time for the new haircut. Nevertheless, the adverse effects of the environment should not be underestimated. Even with a very thick head of hair, the effects of heat or cold are stronger than with voluminous hair, which covers the head protectively. This can quickly lead to undesirable effects such as dandruff or dry hair.

Focus on the care of the scalp

This is why you should use hair care products, which contribute to a healthy balance of the scalp. Thanks to its rosemary extracts, the Daily Ritual Shampoo provides these qualities. The gentle formula of these cosmetics is just as important, as short hair is washed more frequently due to the frequent use of various styling products. In order to not irritate the skin or make it dry out too much, the shampoo made by NEWSHA compensates the loss of moisture and completely refrains from using aggressive substances.

Focus on high-quality styling products for the finish

With a short haircut, every single hair strand, from root to tip, wants to be in the spotlight. As a result, even tiny dust particles or partial residues of styling products immediately catch the eye. For the well-groomed impression, it is therefore important that the hair be rinsed thoroughly. Finding and creating the right product, which is equally effective and gentle proves difficult, but NEWSHA succeeded by creating its Daily Ritual Shampoo! However, even the best formula reaches its bounds if gels or wax sabotage the perfect look.

Some conventional cosmetics from this segment already leave visible residues as soon as they dry, or they contain aggressive substances that are difficult to remove from the hair. You should try to avoid such products and instead focus on collections with natural ingredients. The strong hold, smooth texture and effective control of NEWSHA's Strong Molding Wax contains extracts of the carnauba palm. A hazelnut-sized amount suffices zo obtain a perfect finish! The hair stays flexible despite the secure hold. That's why you can turn an accurate style for the office into a casual undone hairstyle for your free-time with just a few flicks of the wrist! Go for it!

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