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Sep 10 ,2019

Tutorial: Beach waves without heat exposure

The first thing you do when styling your hair in the morning is reaching for the curling iron? No more!

There is a much easier way to conjure up some casual beach waves overnight - that is without any styling tool, of course! All it takes to start the morning styled to perfection are a few skilful touches after the usual evening hair wash routine.


1. The preparation

After washing your hair, apply a small quantity of the Luxe Treatment Oil to your hair and then blow-dry it using cool air. Once it feels “half dry”, apply a styling mousse such as the Shaping Lift Foam to your hair and distribute evenly. In case you need more grip, you can also use our all-rounder, the Shimmering Cream. Then, blow-dry your hair using the lowest heat setting until it is almost completely dry.


2. Here´s how simple it is

If you have rather long hair and wish to create softer waves, we recommend tying your hair together to a high ponytail. In order to prevent any damage to your hair, make sure that you use hair ties without metal clips. Now apply further hair ties to your ponytail every 3-4 cm so that it resembles a big caterpillar. If you have medium long hair or want to create stronger waves, twirl your hair into many small buns which you also fix using metal-free hair ties.


3. The morning after

In the morning, remove all hair ties and simply adjust the beach waves using your fingers. No need to use a brush! In order for your waves to have a long-lasting effect, you can apply some hair spray once you have finished styling.


There you go: that´s how easy it is to create beautiful beach waves!


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