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Apr 24 ,2018

❥ The perfect look for the dream wedding ❥

❥ JUST MARRIED – and they lived happily ever after!

For millions of women, this day is probably the most important day in life. Already as a child, we develop ideas, expectations and wishes about how our wedding will be and, above all, how we will look as a bride. Often one speaks of the “perfect wedding”, which puts many brides under big pressure – since countless preparations and difficult decisions have to be made. Invitations, guest list, decoration, location, catering, time management, table arrangement, photographer, entertainment program, music, bridal bouquet etc....But the first thing that comes on almost all women‘s mind when they think about the word “wedding”...is THE dress. Not just any dress, it has to be THE dress. Unique, elegant and beautiful – as if it was destiny to get married in THIS dress. So beautiful and enchanting that when trying on – shedding some tears of joy and getting overwhelmed by emotions and feelings of happiness, is predestined. #magicmoment After all, one marries (hopefully) only once in a lifetime!

The hairstyle to fall in love with... and get married!

Of course, in this romantic blog post we do not devote ourselves to the dress of all dresses (although of course our heart beats for fashion & beauty as well) – but we focus on the perfect hairstyle for probably the most special day in life. Because the outfit can be so beautiful and pompous, it does not work if the hair does not play along! And here it is again: all women are spoilt for choice! Classically and elegantly pinned? Strict bun? Refined and sophisticated “side swept hairstyle”? (Hair pinned on one side and loosely over the shoulder on the other side), modern half-up look? (only part of the hair is braided / pinned up), romantic and girlish braided hairstyle? Loose hair? Flowers or ribbons in the hair? Or maybe even a little crown? (finally being a princess!!!). Sure, the decision is not easy!

But as in some of our other blog posts, we urge you that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin and feel beautiful – not disguised, not insecure.

It‘s your day. ❤️

PS: the bride is always right!!!

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