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The use of nature-based, high-quality ingredients takes the highest priority in our formulations. In the compositions, we mainly rely on vegan ingredients; only a few exceptions are vegetarian.

We know that natural ingredients are much milder than their chemical alternatives. Another reason why natural ingredients are a much better choice, is that people are increasingly developing intolerances, including intolerances to chemical compounds. For example, we have significantly reduced the quantities of cleaning surfactants required in our shampoos by using cranberry and grape seed oils, which are natural cleansing agents. Ingredients known as ‘superfoods’ currently play a major role in the health and nutrition industry. They also nourish the hair and have great properties when used as an ingredient in hair care products.

Everything takes time. These days, the focus seems to be on being faster, higher and more extreme and on constantly increasing productivity. In times like these, taking a step back and focusing on traditional values can be perceived as verging on crazy – perhaps even foolish. That’s what NEWSHA is doing by reverting to traditional extraction methods in order to obtain the finest essences for our products. Each of our natural ingredients is carefully extracted by using special methods.

Enfleurage – An ancient method for extracting flower essences and oils

The development of an exclusive final product involves the use of some very complex methods. The enfleurage technique is an ancient method for extracting essences and oils from flowers. This method is rarely used nowadays because it is very expensive and impractical for use in mass-production. Nevertheless, the essences obtained by this method are extremely pure and have a very intensive fragrance. That’s why we are returning to this method for adding fragrant nuances to our products.

Every day for a period of twelve weeks, fresh flowers and plants are scattered onto fat-coated plates made of glass and wood and then pressed. It truly is a lengthy process in such a fast-paced era. The fat becomes completely saturated with the precious essences. The essence-saturated fat is washed using alcohol, which leaves behind the extremely pure and precious flower oil, which is known as ‘essence absolue d’enfleurage’ (enfleurage essential oil).

enfleurage, natural ingredients, haircare, unique, treatment, quality, essential

Distillation – The art of steam

For NEWSHA products, we use a highly effective form of distillation that uses hot water vapor to release extracts, such as precious oils, from the plants. Each plant, however, requires a different distillation period and a different temperature. If the steam is too hot for a plant, or if the distillation period is too long, there is an adverse effect on the quality and intensity of the essence. As such, the distillation process requires a great deal of sensitivity and experience.

Cold pressed oils – The top choice for more than just the kitchen!

If you take a look at the label on your favorite olive oil, you will quickly notice the words ‘cold pressed’. As well as making the oil taste better, cold pressing also ensures that the valuable substances are retained and not adversely affected by the production process. That’s why NEWSHA decided to only use cold-pressed oils as the source for our ingredients. The substances in these oils are significantly more effective than those contained in cheaper oils.

distillation, natural ingredients, essential, haircare, treatment, quality, cold pressed oils

Small batches – A far cry from industrial mass production

Rather than choosing to use mass production methods, NEWSHA decided right at the beginning to remain exclusive. This is why we consciously chose to produce our products in small batches. This has a particularly notable effect on the quality of our products. Small batch sizes make it possible to work at lower temperatures because the mixtures only need to be stirred for short periods. By contrast, large batches require industrial mixers, which need to rotate more frequently and thus generate more heat.

As a consequence of the huge input of heat, the valuable ingredients lose their effectiveness.

Due to these smaller quantities of mixture and gentler production methods, the active ingredients are not only present in the specially selected natural substances contained in our products, but they are also effective. NEWSHA products really do contain what is on the label.

natural ingredients, essential, haircare, unique, treatment, quality

The combination of innovative substance formulas, selected ingredients from nature and particularly gentle manufacturing processes make our products so unique and effective. Highest demands and extraordinary attention to detail are in every single NEWSHA product.

NEWSHA offers you a clear collection with 100% thought-out specialists for the hair: each product delivers what it promises. It is easy to apply and makes your hair goals come true – no compromises made! Anyone looking for highly effective hair treatment, hair protection, and styling products will be more than happy with the revolutionary effect of the NEWSHA – private haircare product range.