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High-end hair cosmetics without animal testing

cruelty free, no animal testing, PETA, PETA Germany e.V., salon exclusive, natural, haircare

We are very proud that our collaborators have consciously opted for NEWSHA because they can always count on us: NEWSHA is cruelty-free.
For NEWSHA, it has been a matter of course to NOT carry out animal testing, to NOT commission them and to NOT cooperate with suppliers who do not comply with this principle. In the contracts drawn up for our suppliers it is clearly stipulated that a production as per European law is indispensable to us for a collaboration. We know very well that we can, in fact, produce high-quality, safe products without having to carry out animal testings as, for many years now, there have been alternatives to these cruel methods in the cosmetics sector. We do our best to only use ingredients that have proven to be safe and work effectively, such as cranberry seed oil, hazelnut oil or walnut oil – NEWSHA relies on highly effective and harmless active ingredients from nature. NEWSHA does not only stand for high-quality hair cosmetics but also for a comprehensive concept. Treating all animals and valuable natural resources respectfully and responsibly forms only a part of this concept and is very dear to us. We love innovative products that do not make any compromises - not regarding their quality, effectiveness and especially their manufacture. Both, the sustainable packaging for environmental protection purposes as well as the categorical prohibition of animal testing were an important matter of fact, right from the very beginning of NEWSHA.
Cosmetics without animal testing – the official list of PETA Germany e.V. shows all cosmetics manufacturers whose products are available in Germany and who have assured PETA in writing that they do not carry out, commission or pay for animal experiments. NEWSHA – private haircare is part of this list and appeals to all cosmetics manufacturers not listed there to follow NEWSHA’s and other important brands’ example.