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Straightening System – the success formula for glossy and straight hair!

The hyped NEWSHA straightening system magically provides you with breath-takingly smooth and frizz-free hair for up to 6 months, all the while maintaining your hair´s naturality and volume. Your hair is left feeling silky and enviably glossy. The system, which we have perfected, leaves every curl completely straightened and this is thanks to our three highly effective active ingredient formulas which have been tailored to different types of curls. That´s how each individual hair structure is immediately straightened and strengthened. Your dream of waking up without having to go through the same tiring routine of using the straightening iron can finally come true with the NEWSHA Straightening System! Make heads turn and just reject worries about frizzy dull hair with a smile. Your hair is wavy and slightly curled? Or rather extremely curled, similar to an afro-look? Or maybe you´re one of the blonde beauties of the world? No matter what the hair type – your dream of straight hair can still come true! The improved active ingredient formula of the Straightening System revolutionises the haircare sector and is a true beauty gem for straight hair goals!

Wavy & Curly

Our Triple.S Liquid Wavy & Curly is specially designed for wavy and slightly curled hair. The Liquid Wavy & Curly is the perfect fit as it straightens and tames the hair without losing its natural volume. Frizz doesn´t stand a chance – and this for up to 6 months!

Extreme Curly

The Triple.S Liquid Extreme Curly is an expert when it comes to untamed, extremely curly or frizzy hair. Especially with this hair type, a highly effective hair straightening is a must-have. For this liquid, we have once more increased the level of straightening. That´s how all NEWSHA salon partners can make every customer´s dream of straight hair come true. For a simplified daily hair routine!.


The Triple.S Liquid Blonde is the answer to all prayers regarding a special hair straightening for natural blonde or bleached hair. Frizzy and curly blonde hair turns into a shiny straight splendid hair. Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients, the liquid not only straightens the hair but also optimizes its color. The perfect fit for all blonde straight hair lovers!


Straightening System Secret

The Straightening System works with high quality ingredients that straighten and regenerate your hair. An innovative complex of amino acids builds new sulphur bonds in the hair structure which are activated as soon as the hair is blow-dried and detangled with your fingers. The result: a straight mane that cannot be distinguished from naturally straight hair. Without loss of volume, with natural movement. Wash, blow-dry – ready to go!

All benefits at a glance

» maximum hair straightening for up to 6 months
» hair stays frizz-free and straight – even despite high humidity or drizzle
» enviable gloss
» flexible styling options: voluminous curls or casual beach waves are easy to style

Straightening System – your beauty secret for straight hair goals!