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Perfect and healthy hair – this is NEWSHA!

Our lovebrand does not only stand for exclusive high-class care and styling products but also for groundbreaking in-salon treatments and a hair color enriched with superfood which makes your hair shine bright like a diamond. Whether it´s permanent and effective hair straightening, the one-and-only intensive hair rescue, perfect color results when bleaching or the best possible protection from damaging your hair during coloration processes – with our unique NEWSHA applications, our partner salons can easily fulfill all clients´ wishes and also realize the latest trends with perfection. Both the customer satisfaction, as well as the improvement of haircare are what is most important to us. Our exclusive products provide for dashing looks while optimally caring for your hair. With our compressed and well thought-through product range, we have fully dedicated ourselves to the beauty of hair and passionately support our partner hairdressers´ craft.

Silky smooth hair to fall in love with
Revolutionary hair straightening for up to 6 months –
Straightening System

The salon exclusive Straightening System magically provides you with breath-takingly smooth and frizz-free hair for up to 6 months, all the while maintaining the natural volume of your hair. Your hair is left feeling silky and enviably glossy. Permanent hair straightening – but in a gentle manner. Unlike other known chemical straightening methods, the Straightening System does not damage the hair but has a nourishing effect on it. This application provides you with glossy and frizz-free hair for up to 6 months.

Effective intensive care for all hair beauties
Deep-acting hair repair with deep-care nanotechnology –
Rescue System

The Rescue System fulfils your wish of intensive and effective hair rescue thanks to the special deep-care nanotechnology. Regular heat stylings, bleachings and colorations have a damaging effect on your hair. The result: broken, brittle hair. The Rescue System helps to regenerate the hair, turning it into a beautiful healthy and vibrant mane.

A dream of blonde in all its facets
Bleaching with maximum hair protection –
Bondi Bleach System

Straw-like yellowish blonde is a thing of the past! With the Bondi Bleach System, your hair is optimally protected during the bleaching process. Additionally, it allows for multiple bleaching processes in one day so that it only takes one session to achieve a shiny blonde

Effective care and color boost
Turns each coloration into a care treatment –

Colorwatch System

Finally, a full hair color without damaging your hair – our Colorwatch System is what makes this possible! Thanks to the active ingredients with repairing and protective properties, such as amino acids, your hair is not only protected during hair colorations but also strengthened.

Our mission: not only meet our customers´ demands, but to actually exceed their expectations – and that every single day!