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Bondi Bleach System – state-of-the-art gentle bleaching

The NEWSHA Bondi Bleach System guarantees a gentle hair lightening with maximum protection. Our unique bleaching, inspired by the Australian dream beach Bondi Beach, creates true blonde hair goals and a casual beach blonde look. Bondi Bleach stands for blonde hair in all its facets – in a particularly gentle manner. The system´s secret is based on a high-performance bleaching powder and nourishing state-of-the-art peroxides. What´s special: Unlike conventional bleachings, Bondi Bleach turns into a white creamy mouse when mixing the ingredients, thus ensuring an exact application and an optimal finish. The texture´s neutral white color provides for a more realistic evaluation of the color result.

Bondi Bleach System Secret

The smart Anti Damage Technology with maleic acid penetrates into the hair structure and bonds with its keratin structure. This way, your hair is reliably strengthened and protected during the bleaching process. Even after multiple applications of Bondi Bleach (in the test, it was used three times consecutively), the bleached hair is 78% stronger than after previous bleaching sessions! The active ingredient formula of our peroxides is enriched with argan oil, which calms the scalp, strengthening additives (such as keratin and vitamins) to ensure the best possible regeneration, as well as with a high-quality oil-vitamin-complex for a protected scalp during the lightening process.

All benefits at a glance

» maximum lightening – up to seven shades
» maximum protection
» your hair´s resistance is increased
» application and treatment time remain the same

Bondi Bleach System – your beauty secret for blonde hair goals!