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Dec 01 ,2018

Business woman meets beauty queen

The perfect hairstyle: unshakable hold and easy finish

Tips for expeditious hairstyling

Especially nowadays it is important that our morning routine be as fast and efficient as possible. Punctuality and a perfect appearance are absolute priorities and important prerequisites – therefore, every step and every handle must be right to start the day properly and get well started at work. Many are all too familiar with the daily stress that arises in the bathroom. Too often does the hair just not look the way we want it to, as though it developed an unwanted independence #badhairday! With the right professional tools and a few easy hairstyles, you´ll not only save time in the morning, but leave the house with confidence and the right look. We all know that our hair and our styling say a lot about us and our personality.

Must haves: High-quality and professional styling products

Our innovative and versatile styling product range will provide you with the right support for the perfect finish and strong hold. It does not matter if you have short, medium or very long hair. Nothing can go wrong with our Texturizing Volume Powder, the Natural Touch Mousse, the Natural Hold Hairspray and our super-nourishing Leave-In Conditioner – envious glances of the colleagues are guaranteed!

Style & Care

We attach great importance to the high quality of our styling products and the fact that they have a high nourishing content and protect the hair from external influences. Now you and your hair are optimally prepared for stressful appointments, long meetings and presentations that your daily work routine has in store for you.

Beauty & Business

The career-conscious woman is always styled from top to bottom and masters all tasks with ambition, self-confidence and charm. We want to express and underline these strengths with the type-appropriate and charismatic hairstyle. The trend: a casual, but well-groomed and feminine look. We have smart hairstyle tips for you, which facilitate the styling and are not only suitable for the office but add something special to every look!

Against boredom: the asymmetrical look

Wear your hair open – divide your hair into two sections; the one half falls loosely over the front shoulder and the other is either combed back and fixed with a nice clip or braided laterally to the back.


The high art of braiding

Braid one hair strand from both sides to the back. When reached the middle of the back of the head, Tie it with a hair tie or clip. The rest of the hair is either smooth or curled, depending on your hair type or which look you prefer.

Chignon and Bun

A bun does not necessarily have to look strict and serious. There are countless variations to tie your hair into a great bun. The term “chignon” refers to a mixture of a simple, loose bun and an elegant up-do. Depending on the occasion, you can braid a few strands and fix them with bobby pins or you can just loosely pull out a few strands (for a more dramatic bun, you can use a “donut bun maker”).

Light waves instead of stiff curls

Angel curls are out! Instead, casual waves provide your hair with more structure, shape and volume. Simply curl the hair tips and front strands with a straightening iron or a curling iron. Comb your hair with your fingers and if necessary, apply some volume powder onto the hairline.

Old braids – reinterpreted

Tie hair together to form a high pony tail and leave out one strand on the side. This strand can now be braided or slightly backcombed and then wrapped around the hair as a hair tie.

PS: “The secret of success is HAIRSPRAY”!

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