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Dec 15 ,2017

Experience – Colorwatch System

I have experimented with a lot of different colorations and could never stay with a hair color for a long time. Brown, red, black, blonde…unfortunately, my hair is quite damaged right now. My current hair color can be described as a mixture of light brown, dark blond and slightly orange. And, of course, I was not happy with it at all! Especially the colorations from drugstores are unpredictable and not tailored to all different hair types, not to mention the skeptical ingredients. Even an expensive coloration at a professional hair salon could not really change and improve my hair color.

Good advice does not have to be expensive

A friend gave me the number of the hairdresser of her trust recommended that I ask for the Colorwatch System from Newsha. Of course, I wasn’t even sure that it would even be possible to turn this unwanted color palette on my head back into a consistent and pretty color – but I also really didn´t want to continue walking around with this hair!

No sooner said than done!

I called the recommended hair salon and got quickly an appointment. The day had finally come, my hairdresser received me very friendly making me comfortable and quite excited. Together, we chose the perfect color for me and my individual hair type. Of course, I was curious and could not wait for my final result.

What makes for the passionate hairdresser

The Colorwatch System consists of two steps. In the first step, the hair color is applied with the addition of the special Color Watch Extract and washed out with a mild shampoo (enriched with natural ingredients) after leaving it in for a short period of time. My hairdresser applied the color with a sponge to treat the different conditions of my discolored hair perfectly. I had never seen anything like that before and everything seemed a lot more thoughtful and professional than during my previous visits at other salons. In step 2, the so-called Colorwatch Cream was then worked into the damp hair and rinsed out after a few minutes. I have to say, I was quite excited about the result and hoped that the hair would finally be shiny and evenly colored. The hairdresser then blow-dried my hair and styled it lightly. Honestly – I was stunned, I cannot say otherwise. The color result was uniform in a light brown with a beautiful glossy shine. No trace of dull and damaged strands. My hair still looks great and healthy. The color is very intense and is a lot more durable than other conventional colors. I am thrilled and glad that I have just one hair color again without any hair damage. When I think of previous hair condition and my different hair color(s), this Newsha Salon provided pure magic. A big thank you to my “knight in shining-armour”!

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