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Sep 10 ,2019

10 mistakes when using the curling iron



We sure have all made them: the 10 legendary mistakes when styling curls – and we have summed them up for you!

 1. Missing heat protection

When curling your hair, you should always include a good heat protection in your styling routine as it protects your hair from burns, split ends and breakage. Thanks to a special technology, the product forms a protective layer around your hair, thus reducing the heat your hair is exposed to.

 2. Hair is too wet

Your hair must be 100% dry before using the curling iron. If you use it on humid or even wet hair, your hair is more prone to burns as your hair structure still contains a lot of moisture.

 3. Wrong temperature

At first, apply lower heat (e.g. 150°C) and see how your hair reacts and whether you like the outcome. When using too low heat, the curl can appear a little “frizzy”. Please pay special attention in the case of fine, permed or coloured hair as well as with extensions. In case of doubt, don´t hesitate to consult your hairdresser.

 4. Wrong diameter

Not all curling irons are the same. If your hair is shorter or you would like to create smaller, more defined curls, then you need to use a curling iron with a smaller diameter. If, however, you would like to create more voluminous curls, this is done with a larger diameter. Here a little orientation: 13 mm diameter = small curls, 20 - 25 mm diameter = bigger, voluminous curls, from 30 mm diameter = big beach waves.

 5. Too much hair used at once

Do not use too thick hair strands when curling your hair as the heat will not be able to distribute evenly and the outer hair sections will not be reached. Just try out different possibilities and see which one suits you best judging by the outcome.

 6. Wrong winding

We recommend winding the hair around the barrel instead of turning the curling iron itself around the hair. Changing the direction also creates nice, casual waves as well as an extra of volume. However, make sure your hair is not exposed to the heat produced by the curling iron for a long period of time.

 7. Poor quality

Make sure that the curling iron is of high-quality material and has a good coating. A curling iron made of metal will do the job and create nice curls. Your hair, however, may be severely damaged due to extensive and uneven distribution of heat. On the contrary, curling irons with ceramic or Teflon coating are especially gentle on your hair and distribute heat evenly.

 8. Not letting curls cool down sufficiently

As pretty as the newly conjured curl may seem – hands off! Always let them cool down sufficiently first, as this is how they last longer. Same goes for combing! Simply let a few minutes pass and use that time to brush your teeth or freshen up your make-up.

 9. Not using hair spray

In order for your curls to have a long-lasting effect, you should always use hair spray for fixation. Our Flexible Control Hairspray adds perfect hold without weighing hair down or making it sticky.

 10. Not cleaning the curling iron

Regularly clean your curling iron, preferably following each use. Care- and styling product residues are easily deposited in the barrel. This not only causes damage to your hair but also to your curling iron as those residues are reheated with every use. Simply use a moist cloth to briefly clean the cooled down (!) heating plates.


With these tips and tricks, you should be good to go! Just as the saying goes: learn from your mistakes! That said, good luck with styling curls without any slip-ups!

Be a queen crowned in your curls.


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