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Dec 29 ,2017

The dream of beautiful long hair

You want long and healthy hair but it is hard to achieve? With valuable and high-quality care as well as a healthy lifestyle – you can positively influence the growth and condition of your hair. A well-balanced and good diet is not only beneficial for your health! Avoid very intense and excessive heat styling and visit regularly a professional hair salon. If you follow these little tips, the dream of the magnificent head of hair will soon become reality.

How fast does the hair grow?

The hair growth is quite individual and depends on various factors like medical condition or lifestyle. If you are lucky, you can look forward to 1.5 cm per month. Others only bring it to about 0.5 cm. Genetic predisposition plays an important role. For example, women’s hair tends to grow faster than men’s. The different hormones also affect the growth of hair. But apart from these naturally predetermined factors, you can support hair growth by protecting it from external damage and providing your body with all the essential nutrients.

The right diet

Hair is made of proteins. Proteins are very important and necessary for the hair growth. Fish, eggs and meat are excellent sources of protein, but some vegetables also contain important proteins. In addition, they have the trace element zinc, which supports the formation of keratin and gives your hair a healthy shine. A true hair growth champion is also vitamin A. You can find it in carrots, spinach and tomatoes. Biotin stimulates the metabolism and thus ensures a good blood circulation of the scalp, which in turn favors the growth of your hair. Biotin is contained in yolks, nuts and oats.

A stimulating care

Special shampoos without parabens stimulate hair growth. Siliceous earth also allegedly has a growth-promoting effect. Regular scalp massages help to relax and stimulate blood circulation. As a result, important nutrients are better transported to the hair roots. For the massage – we recommend a brush with natural bristles. To prevent hair loss, we recommend a care product containing castor or coconut oil. These natural oils prevent protein loss and strengthen the sensitive hair root.


Dispense with hard-wearing styling

While many behaviors have a positive effect on the growth of your hair, there are also some factors that prove to be real obstacles. For example, whenever possible, you should skip intense hair styling. Straighteners and hair dryers can damage the hair structure. In the worst case, they lead to hair breakage and split ends. Hair ties, which are held together with metal, are a no-go.

Stress hurts the whole organism

Some people react with real physical complaints to psychologically stressful situations. It is no wonder that the hair growth is negatively affected. Stressful situations cause certain chemical messengers to be released around the hair follicles. This can lead to inflammation, which in the worst case, interrupt hair growth. Hair loss can be a result as well.

Negative influences from outside

Chemical treatments such as perming or bleaching strain the hair and can lead to hair breakage and split ends. Excessive UV radiation can also have a negative effect on the health of your hair.


Although you have no influence on the genetically predetermined rapidity of your hair growth, you can still provide better conditions. Providing all the essential nutrients to your hair, avoiding stress-related adjustments, and protecting your hair from harmful environmental influences can positively affect your hair growth. We wish you much success!

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